Andamo Deming – Seattle, WA

Currently looking for a job where I can use any of my previous technical skills; systems administration, office, technical support and over all customer support.

Seattle Community College 
AA Degree

Military Service
United States Coast Guard, honorably discharged at the pay grade of E-4 after 4 years of service.

Professional Experience
  • iPhone’s were used to fulfill the orders using a custom Amazon application. 

PCC Community Markets
Greenlake Village and Fremont
August2017 – Present
  • Cashier for PCC Communities Markets checking out groceries and interacting with customers.
  • Fulfilled customer Prime Now orders according to Amazon and PCC guidelines until December 2018 when the contract ended between the two companies.
  • Fulfillment was done by shopping in the store for items on the order which meant knowing the locations of items. iPhone’s were used to fulfill the orders using a custom Amazon application.
  • Help with other store departments such as grocery and produce by stocking, facing or stowing new inventory.
  • Answer in-store customer questions when asked questions about products or product location.
  • Helped other newer Prime Now shoppers when they had questions. Directed help clerks when orders were slow making sure all were helping other departments.
Amazon Prime Now Associate,
Amazon UWA2 Facility, Aurora Ave, Seattle WA.
January 2017 – March 2018
  • Completed customer online Amazon Prime Now orders making sure that items were packaged according to Amazon guidelines, such as using ice packs, chill bags and chill bag liners.
  • Stocked bins with product making sure that products fit and were easy for the pickers (those filling orders) to reach.
  • Used hand help scanners with custom Amazon application for picking, stowing and receiving orders or merchandise.
  • Completed inventory checks by scanning item bins while also check expiration dates.
  • Helped with receiving from both Amazon Prime Now and Amazon Fresh deliveries.
Grocery Clerk
Fred Meyer, Shoreline
September 2016 – February 2017
  • Customer service always first.
  • Cashier which included bagging.
  • Kept updated on new sales and coupons helping customers when needed.
  • Learned many of the produce scan codes and as well as the systems error codes.
Sales and Front Man
Sosio’s Fruit and Produce, Pike Place Market
March 2016 – August 2016
  • Helped setup produce stands every morning for the day. Gave out customer samples of seasonal fruits in front of the stand while taking or filling orders. Took cash for customer orders adding all without calculators.
  • Helped customers understanding of the different kinds of vegetables and fruits sometimes explaining different ways to prepare them.
  • Helped keep items stocked and displays organized throughout the day. This is the busiest of all the produce stands in Pike Place Market and was non-stop.
Traveled after JPMC lay off
January 2010 – March 2015

Traveled around Southeast Asia based in Cambodia mainly due to the inexpensive visa and cost of living. Compared to other countries in the area it was much easier since more spoke English and the USD was standard. I visited other countries like Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore. I love traveling but have taken a break since returning to the USA.

Senior Technical Architect, VP
JP Morgan Chase Bank, Seattle, WA
(JP Morgen Chase Bank, Continued)
September 2008 – December 2009

Formally Washington Mutual Bank and after the JPMC purchase I was kept as a “Transition Employee”. I was with the last group, approximately 100 technology employees to be laid off Dec. 31 2009. I was tasked with leading the effort to consolidate overlapping finance applications between WaMu and JPMC for the technology finance group. Responsible for Windows Server administration and application support where needed until all decommissioning was completed. 

  • I was moved to Finance Technology Group when JPMC bought WaMu. Assigned to help decommission several of the finance applications as well as the supporting hardware, using Microsoft Excel to manage the different tasks assigned by JPMC and our server records pulled from our inventory database held in Remedy.
  • Continued maintaining servers and applications in both production and lab until decommissioned. For compliance all servers had to have security patches applied until off line.
  • Was tasked with supporting new JPMC users allowing them access to applications and data for the migration. Helped with issues such as permissions to file shares, network printers and any other network resources that they might need.
  • Executed several Finance data transfers from Oracle and MS SQL to either database backups or in the case of smaller data sets they were saved as plain text or MS Excel for really small data sets. These were then compressed and transferred to the JPMC finance teams for archiving.
  • Created how-to documentation on retrieving data and detailed reports on how data was saved and transferred. Helped JPMC when testing accessibility of data if needed. Clarified documents to reflect any problems during testing.
Senior Windows Systems Administrator
Washington Mutual Bank, Seattle, WA
March 2002 – December 2008

Started as a Windows Systems Administrator contributing in the management of Finance Technology Group servers and applications. Helped in many areas of systems administration from Windows 7 trouble shooting and end user support to installing Windows 2000/2003 server builds and finance applications. Was promoted three times in the six years at WaMu, each with different managers.

  • Designed and implemented a Windows 2003 server-based application using Citrix MetaFrame XP which was used by the bank’s reconciliation users. Eventually was upgraded to Citrix Presentation Server and virtual desktops were implemented for off-shore contractors for added security as well as cost saving.
  • Monthly Windows Server patching consisting of between 500 and 700 servers for a 6-year span. The actual process became automated over the span of the project.
  • Installed Windows and MS SQL server using bank standard setups and ghost images based on use case. Most servers had local RAID for the OS and used EMC SAN for database servers.
  • Participated in end user application support and sometimes other issues for group members such as email or server share and file permissions.
  • Assembled and installed test servers for the group lab for several projects. Once installed, servers would constantly be repurposed.
  • I was a full time telecommute user for 3 of the 6 years working for WaMu and was in the first groups selected. I took this as a privilege and treated it as such making sure that all meetings were attended via voice or web conferences and meeting all deliverables on time or early.
Information Technology Professional Experience
1995 – 2009

16 years of Windows Server Administration and 7 years Active Directory Group Policy management

Application training of end users including documentation on standard usage of finance applications

Incident Management using ticketing systems such as Remedy

Managing user tickets and assigning tickets based on application or SME category

Active Directory User and Group Management along with Windows application support

One on One support to upper management and management support staff

Usage and support of Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel and Outlook

Created SME documents for supported applications and end user guides

Trouble shooting for user desktops using Windows 7 and 8.1