A bit about me; I am a computer geek and found computers a bit later in life compared to most. I bought my first computer in 1990 and set out to know what I could of MS DOS. That led me to Windows where I managed a career for 16 years doing all kinds of IT stuff but always something with Windows. I had used Linux to run my Website for about 4 years up until about 1993 or so when web hosting became so cheap and I didn’t have to worry about security quite as much.
Since about 2016, when my student version of Windows 10 wouldn’t do anymore major updates I was fed up and decided to try out Linux desktops. It was so much different than when I did a Slackware install back in ’94 almost blowing up my CRT monitor trying to get X11 up and running. Well, here we are in 2019 and I currently am using Kubuntu and have used Cinnamon Mint, then ran Ubunt-MATE for some time. I enjoy a bit of distro hopping but do it on my other systems, not my daily driver.

In 2010 after being laid off from JPMC Bank I moved to South East Asia for 5 years. I am back where I started, computers as a hobby again, since I haven’t been able to get a job in IT since returning to the States in 2015. I have some Raspberry Pi’s that I use for different things, Pi-hole ® right now.
Looking forward to the Pine64 Notebook Pro due out this year, as well as the Pine64 phone and Tablet. You can view more at Pine64.org.